Oracle Bones Testify to Eclipse the Scorpion Bizarre and Nasty, 1991
Some Thoughts on Self Sacrifice, 1990
Alchemist's Notes to Modern Chemistry, 1990
A Period of Intense Activity Linked to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, 1989
Dark Ages of the Cosmos Hidden in Folded Shapes, 1989
Subtle Differences Discovered, 1989
Rapid Changes in Proteins Shows Birth of Matter, 1988
Geminga Does Exist in Atomic Weapons, 1988
NASA to Probe Heaven's Natural Chemicals, 1988
Confessions of Finitude, 1987
A History of Building, 1987
X-Ray Lasers Expand Deterioration, 1987
Void, 1987
Long Night, 1986
Recurrence, 1986
Veil of Time, 1986
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